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“Every lesson feels very meaningful” 
Before starting lessons I had tried to teach myself but I didn’t make any progress. Since starting guitar lessons I’ve learned alot. Everything from picking chords, to lot’s of rhythms & songs to play. Then I’ve also learned a lot of the logic behind playing guitar and I feel that is one of the biggest wins. What’s good about the teacher is that he has a good eye for detail, which makes every lesson feel very meaningful. – Annica
”I think the lessons are very good and fun. It really feels like I made a lot of progress fast” 
I started playing guitar a year ago teaching myself. I started with the Swedish Guitar Method guitar lessons because I felt stuck. I hade a feeling I wasn’t progressing and I needed some expert help.Through the lessons I’ve learned a lot, improvise, scales and a couple of songs and I’m really excited. What it has helped me with the most is that I’ve covered the basics, and I think the material is great. Now I finally have the feeling that I am making progress, I don’t feel stuck anymore and after every lesson I get a little bit better. – Dimitros 

“The lessons are adapted after my level” 
I started lessons because it seemed good and exciting when I looked at the information on the website. It felt like it was  good fit for me because there was so many ways to chose from to learn, very broad. Before starting my playing was very limited, now I’m a lot more varied in the way I play. Not only songs, but melodies and some improvisation, i think the tracks are a very good tool to help when I practice. The lessons give me something and they are exciting, and I find it good that they are adapted to my level. Susanne
”I would’ve never got this far without your help, I can play better than I ever could dream of, thanks” 
Before starting lessons I was mostly sitting at home playing by myself and going nowhere. I checked out tablature of songs and riffs but it never gave me anything really. I’ve been taking lessons just about 2 years, and during these years the progress has been very fast. I’ve got a lot of help with the theory and how everything conncets with improvisation, I’ve started to think alot more musiscally and what I am playing, and how you connect the pieces. I’ve reached futher than I’ve ever could have imagined” – Peter
”It works very well, I feel like I’ve made a lot of progress” 
I started to take lessons online after many years absence and wanted to start playing guitar again. I wanted to see how far I could come with my playing. I think the lesson material is very varied and impressive and with very good pedagodgy. It’s easy to learn and take my guitar playing forward. The best part is also you get to chat with other people online too, the social part is very fun. I would definately recomend anybody to take lessons and do the training. And thats because I find it a lot of fun to go through the lessons and I notice that it gives me results in my playing. – Robert
”It gives me energy and motivation to practice guitar. But what is the most important: I can enjoy playing guitar again after all of these years” 
I’ve been taking lessons for as long as I can remember, online, youtube, books – I’ve done it all. The biggest different with the lessons with The Swedish Guitar Method is that they really look after you. They can see what your flaws are and focus on making them better, so you don’t have to think or look for something. It’s all there – it’s just to practice. The instructions are very clear, what you should focus on and how long you should practice. Marcus is the teacher that you really need, because he will push you in the right direciton. I really like how we focus on implementing everything I learn. – Thomas

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